The Classroom

Eating Out in Nairn

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The Classroom

Eating Out


Driving to this restaurant and knowing that it was more or less in the centre of the town of Nairn, I wasn’t too sure what I was coming to. Then, stuck at the traffic lights, adjacent to the restaurant as I looked up and I simply said ‘Wow’ This building was actually an old schoolhouse and the architecture is something I fell in love with straight away. I found the staff to be really friendly, the decor sympathetic to the building itself and so many people have raved about the food here, I have to say, there are a small number of really good restaurants in Nairn and the Classroom is most certainly one of them. One of the great assets to this place is, they are open all year, in the day as well as the evening and the prices are not over the top either. All in all, I know your going to love this place as much as I do, just please remember to tell them who sent you!

- Top 100 Review
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1 Cawdor Street ,
Nairn, The Highlands , IV12 4QD





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