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Here at the Broomlea Guest House, Teresa’s main aim is to make sure that your stay with her is a memorable one. From her wonderful warm and bright coloured rooms, straight through to her breakfast, along with a great personality, you’ll be in perfect hands here. Having researched a lot of accommodation providers, almost 240 in total are located within the highlands and unfortunately, I’m only able to feature a small number in comparison and the ones that I have chosen, are most definitely the highest calibre of what is on offer. You can always tell a Top100 attraction, accommodation and not forgetting place to eat, when long after you’ve left, they are still in your memory. Even though I cannot stay in every accommodation, the amount of research that goes into each one, coupled with a visit to each of them, is almost in comparison to the attractions.

- Top 100 Review
37 Bm CH12fun

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Mains of Balnagowan , Ardersier,
Inverness, The Highlands , IV2 7QX



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Cawdor Castle & Gardens

Cawdor Castle is an imposing late fourteenth-century edifice; a place of legends and tales, with vaulted ceilings and a drawbridge that stirs the historian in each of us.

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Cawdor Tavern

As you’ve probably gathered, from reading the forward and every other business between that and this endorsement, a lot of work goes into choosing the right places for you

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The Classroom

Driving to this restaurant and knowing that it was more or less in the centre of the town of Nairn, I wasn’t too sure what I was coming to.

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Cafe One One Two

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