The Tens at Owen House Farm

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The Tens at Owen House Farm


It has to be said from the start, that Owen House Farm isn’t an attraction in the usual sense, so I don’t want you turning up thinking that it is a farm park of some description. However, from time to time, I come across accommodation of the highest standards and totally unique in nature and so, find themselves having a full feature page instead of a quarter page in the Sleep Tight section. This is done so I can provide you with every bit of information about them and in turn, allow you to see the reasons why I hold them in such high regards. I say this because luxury actually comes as standard here at Owen House Farm, whether your here for one of their weddings or just needing a room for the night, whatever the reason, if you read my review below, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

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The Tens comprises of ten rooms of course, hence the name. 2 family rooms and 8 double rooms are what you will find here and as I was being shown round them all, I must of said the word ‘Wow’ about fifty times, such as how flabbergasted I was. All of the ten rooms have a name and are discreetly themed to give subtle little hints as to the thought process behind each room, this I really liked. All have the best bathrooms money can buy, wrought iron and brass beds, Nespresso machines, sorry girls, no George Clooney in sight! The rooms are not all that is on offer here, their breakfast room is also state of the art and is available to you, whether here for a wedding or just staying the night on a B&B basis. Finally and just to throw a thought your way, if you are looking at wedding venues at the moment, take a look at these guys, it’s apparent to me that they really do know how to create a perfect wedding!

- Top 100 Review

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