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Edinburgh is just one of those cities that just keeps giving and that can be said in part about our choice of accommodation, take the Crioch Guest House for instance. Earning every one of their 3 stars with pride, this lovely guest house is situated within a Victorian house that is over 125 years old. Complete with 6 bedrooms, this accommodation offers not only huge value for money, but the house has a lovely warm feeling to it and the bedrooms themselves are of the highest quality, complete with a hearty breakfast, what more could you ask for? Crioch’s owners, James and Dora really are super friendly and certainly do their best to go out of their way to ensure your stay isn’t just a comfortable one, but a memorable one at that!. Two of my biggest deal breakers are visitor experience, set against value for money and the Crioch Guest House has both in droves!

- Top 100 Review

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23 East Hermitage Place ,
Edinburgh, Edinburgh & The Lothians , EH6 8AD



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