Pickering’s Gin at Summerhall Distillery

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Pickering’s Gin at Summerhall Distillery



Gin is fast becoming one of the nation’s favourite drinks and here at Pickering’s Gin Distillery in Edinburgh, Edinburgh’s first Gin, these guys are giving the Whisky boys a run for their money and guess what, they’ve only been going since 2013. Once being on a tour however, you would never believe this is a fledgling business, the tour was slick, funny and even though I don’t drink alcohol myself, I absolutely loved this tour. Everyone of the members of staff here are a valued member of the team and as I walked around the site, it’s clear they all love coming into work every day. I found the tour along with it’s Gin tasting session, to be very good value for money and currently they run from Thursday to Sunday, but it’s always worth checking out their website, just in case there are any changes to their schedule.

- Top 100 Review
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1 Summerhall , Summerhall Distillery,
Edinburgh, Edinburgh & The Lothians , EH9 1PL







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