Eating Out in Edinburgh

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Eating Out


As I’ve mentioned throughout this book and I'll reiterate again, no business pays any advertising fees to be endorsed within my books, website, nor our amazing little app and because each restaurant has been recommended and handpicked by an accommodation provider, I don’t actually need to eat there, however, I have eaten at Sonder and boy was I not disappointed! The menu is clever, yet unpretentious, slick but not tacky and the service here should be the envy of a lot of other Scottish restaurants. I didn't think the prices on the menu were that crazy, given the experienced chefs here are currently some of the best on the Scottish restaurant circuit. I expect great things from Sonder and I cannot recommend this place enough, but hey don’t just take my word for it, ask around, people will soon tell you about this restaurant and its sheer brilliance!

- Top 100 Review
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74-78 South Clerk Street ,
Edinburgh, Edinburgh & The Lothians , EH8 9PT




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