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Western Approaches HQ


Walk through hidden rooms and discover the stories locked in the wartime bunker that protected the tactics and secrets of the British Armed Forces plotting to bulwark the Western Approaches and aid the Allied victory. Glimpse the documents and tools the forces used to monitor enemy convoys and inform the British government of their findings whilst keeping their intelligence secret from the enemy, including one of only two surviving wartime phones which had a direct connection to the war cabinet in London. See where commanders and WRNS and WAAF personnel worked every day and night in the Map Room, the nerve centre of the Battle of the Atlantic. Here they monitored convoy routes and vital shipping lines, and pin-pointed enemy locations on a huge map laid across the table; total accuracy was necessary to enable the Royal Navy to contact and destroy the enemy. The Map Room has remained exactly how as it was left when the doors were closed on 15 August 1945.


Hidden perfectly and as to be expected, Western Approaches HQ sits quietly on a side street within Liverpool’s diverse city centre. This building, still to this day sits as a reminder of the strategic prowess of the British and how through grit and determination, won the Second World War hands down. The museum, if that’s what you want to call it, sits as if the many men and women who worked within its strong walls have just merely popped out for a cigarette. As you walk through all it’s hidden rooms, corridors and it’s huge map room, you really get a scale of how much of an important job the allied forces based here would of done and why they were doing it. The museum even given its age is still evolving and the team here are dedicated to making your experience is one that you take with you for a long time to come.


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1-3 Rumford Street ,
Liverpool, Merseyside , L2 8SZ

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