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The Rhug Estate

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The history of Rhug, can be split into chapters – the first, being the largest, and spans from earliest times to coming into the hands of the Salusbury family of Bachymbyd. Rhug was then left to the Vaughan family of Nannau and finally it came into the Wynn family in the 19th century, and so to the present Lord Newborough. Our Farm Shop stocks almost 3,000 products from local suppliers and small businesses. All of these are carefully selected by our team to ensure the best quality in everything we sell and to provide our customers with the best of Welsh produce. Of course, this also includes the sale of our own products. Our in-store butchers counter stocks all of our organic meat and a deli counter which showcases some of the finest pastries, cheeses and other items that we have to offer. We have a large collection of Organic wine and spirits. These are also accompanied by some of the best craft beers and ciders in the UK. We stock a wide range of gifts in store and pride ourselves on our diverse stock.


For the past six years and because it’s food is truly fantastic, Rhug Estate has appeared in the restaurant section of the North East Wales Chapter of this book and for every six of those years, I have seen Rhug Estate Farm Shop along with its Bison Grill Restaurant, turn into a huge attraction in its own right. Lord Newborough, the owner of the Estate, has had huge vision when developing Rhug and has spared no expense in bringing his vision to life and is now why you find Rhug Estate as one of our attractions as well as the restaurant section. Thousands of visitors flock here yearly, not only to be wowed by the farm shops many items of produce, but because of the service and dedication to quality that it brings to its many visitors on a Daily basis. I really like this attraction and I know you will to!

Café Rhug

When you visit The Rhug Estate, you experience an ambrosial way of life (quite literally), from the vast pure green grasses, clovers and herbs to the happy, free and stress free animals grazing their way through each day and lucky are the ones who get to sample the delicious produce. Café Rhug offers all day dining with total dedication to using seasonal ingredients from local suppliers. The staff are extremely cordial and welcoming, and place a huge emphasis on everyone’s health and safety, so you order your food quickly at the counter, to then sit and enjoy in the old bistro restaurant. Everything from sandwiches to succulent organic bison burgers tempt you to take a quick and easy break in your journey.

Britstop@ Rhug Estate

“ Forget the map, roll down the windows, and whenever you can, pull over and have a picnic” (Jim Hensen). As you enter the awe-inspiring Gateways of Snowdonia, if you fancy pulling over and staying the night at the Rhug Estate, just off the A5 you will discover the precious jewel known only by a few in the camper van community. When you arrive simply register with the shop, if you arrive after closing time make sure to ring ahead and leave your details. You are free to park anywhere you choose, however it’s advised you park near the shop as it has delightful picnic benches and several water taps which are free if you need to top up. As parking is free it’s suggested you show support for the Estate by purchasing in the farm shop, having a delicious meal in the Café Rhug, takeaway or drive thru. A freshly cooked, locally sourced, organic breakfast makes a sensational start to your day too.

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Contact Us

Rhug Estate, ,
Corwen, Denbighshire , LL21 0EH

01490 411100




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