The Pentonbridge Inn (Restaurant with Rooms)

Eating Out in Penton

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The Pentonbridge Inn (Restaurant with Rooms)

Eating Out


The Pentonbridge Inn is part of the Netherby Hall family and the same high quality standards that are at the hall, are simply recreated here also. Plush rooms and fabulous food is what is on offer here and the very best of ingredients together with locally sourced food, is why this pub is winning awards left right and centre. In fact, talking about the food, most of the fruit, vegetables and herbs are all sourced from Netherby Halls very own walled garden, now it doesn’t get any better than that! The moment I walked through the doors of the Pentonbridge I felt a good vibe straight away and together with their quality rooms, I knew that we just had to feature the pub in this chapter. The staff are super friendly, the food and rooms are reasonably priced and this is just an altogether great place to visit, so what are you waiting for.

- Top 100 Review

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