The Laird & Dog

Eating Out in Edinburgh

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The Laird & Dog

Eating Out


We are only featuring 20 places to eat throughout the Edinborough, City & Region and the Laird & Dog more than deserves its pride of place as one of them. Complete with its conservatory, this local boozer is churning out some tasty locally sourced grub! With a concise, yet varied menu, all of the meat that gets cooked in this pub’s kitchen, is all sourced within the Borders of Scotland. I think it’s also worth mentioning that the Laird & Dog also has rooms, making it more of an inn than a pub. Eleven well appointed bedrooms are on offer here and because they are just out of the city somewhat, they are fairly reasonably priced and although I didn’t get to see their rooms on the day of my visit, their reviews online all speak for themselves. So, what are you waiting for? Haven’t you got a trip to book?

- Top 100 Review
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5 High Street , Lasswade,
Edinburgh, Edinburgh & The Lothians , EH18 1NA



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