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The Falkirk Wheel



The canal systems within Great Britain were synonymous with being the very back bone of the industrial revolution and this is also true of the canal system here in Falkirk and the wider network of canals that are spread out all over the Scotland region. Here at the Falkirk Wheel, they have solved the puzzle of how to get one canal boat from one lock to another and this innovation of the one that stands before you today, is one of ingenuity and sheer determination and1,200 tonnes of steel later, you are left with this amazing creation. The whole experience of this 360 degrees boat trip, is second to none and it’s one that sees you take a journey to the top of this fabulous creation and is one that can not be rivalled anywhere else in the world, as this is currently the only one in the world.

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Lime Road , Tarmfourhill,
Falkirk, Stirlingshire , FK1 4RS





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