The Allan Park, Pub, Restaurant & Coffee House

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The Allan Park, Pub, Restaurant & Coffee House

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Situated within one of the finest examples of Georgian architecture that I’ve seen whilst writing these travel guides, the Allan Park Hotel’s owners have had a ‘no expense spared’ attitude since they opened its doors in 2018, but I have to be honest, I kind of expected that, as Stuart & Jo Riddle, have had a long and vast experience in the hospitality trade. Along with their other very experienced colleague, Richard McMullen, their operations manager and right hand man, he too has been in the trade for a long time and this was clear from the outset. The room I’m staying in, Ledi, named after the Scottish mountain Ben Ledi, in fact each of the seven rooms are of a very high quality and this can be easily seen the minute you walk through the door and with its own car secure car park, your in very safe hands here at the Allan Park Hotel.

Pub, Restaurant & Coffee House

Because most of the time it’s the accommodation providers themselves that recommend all of our eateries, I don’t get a chance to eat in them all, good job really, or I’d be the size of a house! However, because I stayed the night at the Allan Park Hotel, coupled with the fact that it came highly recommended to me, I couldn’t not give it a try and believe me, the food was just as stunning as their decadent rooms. Being an avid meat eating male and a huge fan of Lamb, I can always test a restaurant on the way it cooks this delicate meat, passing with flying colours doesn’t come close! Perfectly presented, cooked and along with its pre dinner Amuse-bouche, this dish just melted in my mouth. This wasn’t only the perfect dish to come out that evening, everyone else’s looked absolutely stunning! Being a coffee house also, you can just relax with a coffee and cake, whatever takes your fancy!

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20 Allan Park ,
Stirling, Stirlingshire , FK8 2QG

01786 475336


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