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The Dolfor Inn

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The Dolfor Inn, not far from Newtown, Powys, offers an exceptional, yet affordable stay, blending the warmth of a classic pub with outstanding accommodation. Steve, George, and Sue, the hospitable trio behind this gem, bring years of experience in hospitality to the table, ensuring every guest feels not just welcomed, but truly special. Their dedication to going the extra mile is evident in every detail, from the comfort of the rooms to the personalised service. The accommodations themselves are among the finest pub lodgings available, striking the perfect balance between traditional charm and modern amenities. This level of care and quality really makes the Dolfor Inn a must-visit for anyone seeking a memorable stay in a friendly, inviting atmosphere.


The Dolfor Inn stands out not just for its warm welcome courtesy of Steve, George, and Sue, but also for its exceptional culinary offerings. The trio, with years of experience in the restaurant trade, have mastered the art of hospitality, making every visit memorable. Their dedication to locally sourced Welsh and British produce is commendable, ensuring that each dish not only supports the local community but also bursts with freshness and flavour. Whether you're a regular or a first-time visitor, the food here promises to be a highlight, showcasing the best of local ingredients through a menu that's both inventive and satisfying. The Dolfor Inn truly is a testament to the trio's passion for quality food and genuine hospitality.

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The Dolfor Inn, Dolfor Rd, Dolfor, Newtown, UK

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