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SS Nomadic Belfast


SS Nomadic is the biggest authentic Titanic artefact in the world and the only tangible link to the Olympic class liners!

Built in 1911 she was the tender ship for Titanic. Constructed alongside her big sister, she is now restored to her original glory, and is the only remaining White Star Line ship in the world and a lasting legacy of Belfast's shipbuilding industry.

A visit to SS Nomadic is included with your Titanic Experience ticket. Once onboard…

As part of your self-guided tour, you will be transported back in time, travelling through the first and second class lounges and outer decks while discovering the amazing life of Nomadic. (before being let loose on the decks to explore at your own pace.)
Make your way down today and join us in celebrating over 110 years of authentic maritime and social history and on behalf of the Nomadic Crew we look forward to welcoming you on board!

The SS Nomadic, the White Star Lines only remaining ship, now stands proudly next to the mighty attraction Titanic Belfast near to the very dock where she was built.


The SS Nomadic Belfast is one of Northern Ireland's unsung heroes when it comes to attractions. This ship was actually the original tender ship and did in fact transfer some eager passengers to the Titanic only a few days before they met their very tragic end back in 1912 in those icy Atlantic waters. The SS Nomadic, the White Star Lines only remaining ship, now stands proudly next to the mighty Titanic Museum near to the very dock where she was built. A trip round the Titanic's younger sister is most certainly an experience I'll never forget. Knowing that this was the closest thing I would ever get to the Titanic was an exhilarating yet an eery feeling, and at every turn there was something amazing to discover from the sturdy engine room, to the ships toilets, complete with a famous Thomas Crapper toilet still installed, a true Top 100 Attraction!

- Top 100 Review
TB and Nomadic

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1 Olympic Way Queen's Road , Titanic Quarter,
Belfast, Co. Antrim , BT3 9EP

+44 (0)28 9076 6386



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