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Shekina Sculpture Garden


Shekina is situated in the centre of Co. Wicklow, in the townland of Kirikee which is locally considered as the gateway to the wild Glenmalure Valley. Shekina’s setting is further enhanced by the views of Fananieran mountain and the ancient oak trees of the Ballinacor Estate. People began visiting the garden over thirty years ago as part of the Co. Wicklow Gardens Festival. Over the years visitors have found this garden a place of tranquillity and inspiration, some calling it a peace garden, others viewing it as a place for reflection and some for celebrations. Several have called it a modern ‘Sacred Space’. It can be a haven for the senses, where: sights of varying shapes and colours that change with the seasons can be perceived; where sounds of birds, animals and water gushing or trickling can be heard; where the texture of shrubs or sculptures, be they wood, iron, stainless steel, stone, bronze, enamel, glass can be felt; where the subtlety of smells and taste buds can be sensed, thus enhancing a holistic and delight-filled experience.


One of the many fascinating things about Ireland, is how connected the people are to the great land they live on. Whether it be farming the land on a day to day basis, or developing one of Ireland's hundreds of wonderful Gardens. Catherine McCann of the Shekina Sculpture Garden has created something of pure wonder in the wilds of County Wicklow. The sheer drive, care and consideration that has gone into every inch of this garden, coupled with the wonderful sculptures that sit with in it, is nothing short of awe inspiring. I spent a good time with Catherine and not only did we share a wonderful lunch together, I felt as though we'd known each other forever, that's the effect she and her beautiful garden has on you. All in all, a trip to the Shekina Sculpture Garden will undoubtedly leave you with fond memories for a long time and that's what I call a Top 100 Attraction!

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