Plum Braes Barn

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Plum Braes Barn



Plum Braes Barn near Kelso in the Scottish Borders offers a quintessentially serene Scottish countryside experience, with five distinct properties, each maintaining very high standards. Three of these properties boast breathtaking views across the rolling landscapes of the Scottish Borders, providing a perfect backdrop for relaxation or exploring the rich natural beauty of the area and close to all the localities top attractions. The other two properties are located in Edinburgh, offering a taste of urban Scottish life in the capital. All accommodations are praised for their exceptional value and quality. Whether you're seeking a peaceful retreat in the countryside or a vibrant city break, Plum Braes Barn ensures comfort, quality, and memorable experiences in some of Scotland's most picturesque settings. You're in safe hands with their hospitable service and well-maintained facilities. Because this accommodation is booked up quite quickly, due to their high standards, booking in advance is advisable.

- Top 100 Review
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Cliftonhall , Ednam,
Kelso, Scottish Borders , TD5 7QE

07789220468 + 07789220469




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Plum Braes Barn, Cliftonhill Farm, Kelso, UK

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