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Lagg Distillery



Here at the Lagg Distillery, this is the islands latest addition to its whisky tasting legacy and with the way they make their whisky being just that little bit different to most, they have a huge story to tell on their tour. The whisky once known as ‘Arran Waters’ is back in production, but this time legally, as this was the produce once made illegally in home made stills all over the island. James Mactaggart, the master blender here at the Lagg Distillery, has over 40 years in the business and is very well thought of within the whisky world. The tour guides here really do know their stuff and even though the sites main tours are more frequent in the summer, they also have them in the winter season also. Although they do have tours all the time, in winter months it’s always more prudent to check their website for up to date times.

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Lagg Distillery ,
Kilmory, Isle of Arran , KA27 8PG

01770 870565



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