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Cotswold Wildlife Park & Gardens


Set in over 160 acres of beautiful parklands the Park has an amazingly diverse collection of species many of which are endangered in the wild. Our dedicated and caring Keepers are passionate about the animals in their care and the opportunity to share their knowledge with the public.

Our beautiful Gardens are carefully tended by our creative team of Gardeners who make every corner of the Park a joy to visit.

We currently house 131 species ranging in size from the diminutive Zosterops to the largest bird of all, the Ostrich. We were the first UK zoo to breed the Great Indian Hornbill and have had other notable successes over the years with Black Storks and Penguins amongst many others.

We are extremely proud of our conservation projects for Crowned Sifaka and Greater Bamboo Lemurs - two of the most endangered primate species in the world.

Our Madagascan Walkthrough exhibit allows our visitors to get a real insight into the lives of these fascinating creatures and is not to be missed. In and around the Walled Garden area of the Park, you will also find many other primate and small mammal species and the incredible Wolverines - the Cotswold Wildlife Park is the first UK zoo to successfully breed this species. The Park holds the EEP (Endangered species breeding programme) studbook for the Lar Gibbon.

We house the largest snake species - Reticulated Pythons and Green Anacondas, and also some of the most venomous - the Black Mamba, Gaboon Viper and Puff Adder. We regularly breed our Morelet's crocodiles, the only collection in Europe that has bred this species.


The fact that there was a Wildlife Park nestled perfectly within the Cotswolds really did come as a huge surprise to me, that much of a surprise, I just had too investigate further, so off I went! When writing these books and visiting hundreds of tourist attractions every year, you would think that I'd seen it all, but I am constantly being amazed and quite frankly, in some cases astounded away by just how much we have to see and do within our great shores. It is a really slick operation at the Cotswold Wildlife Park and it is so clear to see, that the staff and management here really do care about every single one of their visitors. Everybody had smiles on their faces and it was totally obvious that the animals love the staff just as much as the staff love these animals. An attraction that's worth every penny!

- Top 100 Review
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