Brown’s Hotel

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Brown’s Hotel

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Brown's Hotel is a romantic sanctuary steeped in Welsh literary history, famously tied to the legendary Dylan Thomas. This enchanting hotel and steak restaurant offers an unparalleled experience. Their dedication to unparalleled hospitality is evident from the moment you arrive, promising an unforgettable stay or dining experience. The elegant rooms blend historic charm with modern comfort, providing a serene retreat for guests. The true highlight, however, is their restaurant. Renowned for its exceptional steak, each bite’s a testament to their commitment to quality and taste. The meals are not just exquisite; they’re crafted to create lasting memories. Every detail, from the warm welcome to the meticulously prepared dishes, showcases the love and care Alex and Carly pour into their work. Dexters at Browns is more than a place to stay or dine; it's a journey into a world of romance and history, where every moment is savored and cherished.

Dexters at Brown's

Dexters at Brown's is a gem steeped in history, famously connected to Dylan Thomas. This hotel and steak restaurant is managed by the passionate duo, Alex & Carly, whose dedication ensures an unforgettable experience. Their mission is clear: to provide unparalleled hospitality, whether you're staying in one of their elegant rooms or dining in their farm to fork restaurant. The steak, in particular, is a standout, known for its exceptional taste and local quality. With a perfect blend of historic charm and modern comfort, Dexters at Brown's promises a memorable visit. From the warm welcome to the exquisite meals, every detail’s meticulously attended to, making it a true delight for guests. This establishment is not just about staying or dining; it's about creating lasting memories.

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King St ,
Laugharne, Carmarthenshire , SA33 4RY

01994 427 688




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Brown's Hotel, King Street, Laugharne, Carmarthen, UK

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