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Washingborough Hall

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Situated just beyond Lincoln's city limits, Washingborough Hall Hotel emerges as a true hidden gem, radiating charm and elegance. Managed by the delightful Lucy and Ed Herring, guests are guaranteed a personalized and warm experience from the moment they arrive. The charm of the hotel lies not just in its stunning architecture or the meticulously maintained gardens that surround it, but the intimate atmosphere and attention to detail that Lucy and Ed bestow upon every aspect of your stay. Washingborough Hall Hotel promises an unforgettable experience. Its cozy rooms, exquisite dining, and serene setting make it an ideal choice. The hotel's commitment is evident in every smiling staff member, every well-appointed room, and in the satisfied sighs of guests basking in the tranquility of this lovely establishment. In short, Washingborough Hall is not just one of Lincoln’s best hotels; it’s a romantic haven where every stay feels like a special occasion

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Church Hill , Washingborough,
Lincoln, Lincolnshire , LN4 1EH

01522 790340






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Washingborough Hall Hotel, Church Hill, Washingborough, Lincoln, UK

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