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The Barrel Inn

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Hidden within the picturesque Hope Valley, the Barrel Inn stands as a testament to history and hospitality. Dating back to 1597, this ancient pub exudes charm and character, meticulously preserved by the dedicated family who’ve spared no expense in its recent renovations. As someone who has traversed the British Isles and Ireland, I can confidently say that the views from the Barrel Inn are nothing short of breathtaking, rivaling any postcard-perfect scene. Whether you’re seated by the window with a loved one, watching the sunset cast a golden hue over the rolling hills, or enjoying a leisurely walk through the surrounding countryside, the romantic allure of this place is undeniable. The food here is simply exquisite, with every dish crafted to perfection. The cosy and comfortable rooms offer a warm embrace after a day exploring, making it an ideal retreat for couples seeking a blend of history, romance, and luxury.

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The Barrel Inn 4

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Eyam ,
Hope Valley, Derbyshire , S32 5QD

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The Barrel Inn, Bretton, Hope Valley, UK

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