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Hilton Park Estate, a jewel in the crown of historical estates, has graced numerous accolades, including a prestigious spot in my ‘Top 100 Romantic Destinations book.’ This grand estate, initially constructed for grand-scale entertaining, now exudes warmth as a cherished family home. While public tours are not a regular feature, Hilton Park opens its doors for those contemplating its enchanting grounds as a wedding venue. Further amplifying its allure, the estate offers itself as an exclusive rental for family gatherings or as a picturesque filming location. This seamless blend of history and modern adaptability makes the property not just a house, but a living legacy. Built in the 18th century, it’s a quintessential example of historic grandeur. Located in County Monaghan, it encapsulates centuries of heritage. Initially built by the Hilton family, it exemplifies Georgian architecture and is renowned for its lush gardens and enduring legacy in Irish history.

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The Hilton Park Estate emerges like a romantic whisper from a bygone era. Already gracing the pages of my ‘Historic Houses’ book, this gem is no stranger to admiration and awe. At its helm, Fred and Joanna Madden, the custodians of its legacy, have transformed it into a sanctuary not just for the history enthusiast but also for those in search of true matrimonial bliss. Hilton Park offers an intimate embrace to those declaring their love. Here, on your special day, the estate belongs solely to you and your cherished guests, a private haven where memories are woven into the very tapestry of its walls. Its proximity, a mere 90 minutes from the bustling hearts of Dublin and Belfast, makes it a jewel perfectly placed. In the Madden's tender care, Hilton Park isn't just a visit; it's an experience – a romantic journey waiting to be a part of your story.

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Hilton Park, Hilton Demesne, Scotshouse, Monaghan, Ireland

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