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Gunsgreen House & Museum


Gunsgreen house was built in 1753 by a local smuggler John Nisbet, and of a JOHN ADAM DESIGN the architecture includes secret hiding places were smuggled goods were kept.

Visit The Museum which is located in the cellars, lower basement and entrance level of Gunsgreen House. Access is gained direct from the harbour side with a gentle slopped ramp down from the carpark. There is an access lift to the entrance level if stairs are an issue.

Come and see the amazing ‘tea chute’- the only one of its kind, where smuggled tea was hidden from prying eyes.
Discover the history of the house and the kids will love dressing as smugglers whilst completing the various puzzles and trails inside the house, becoming a certified smuggler.

For those who just can’t stay away, Gunsgreen House trust provides two stunning self catering properties in the form of ‘The Merchant’s House’ sleeping 11, and ‘Nisbet’s Tower’ sleeping 4. Stay right here on the harbour-side in Eyemouth, on the stunning East Berwickshire coastline of the Scottish Borders. We guarantee you won’t find anywhere else like it.


Gunsgreen House and Museum has many levels to it and the experience that it offers to all of its many visitors. Firstly, I want to tell you why it was chosen as one of our hidden gem attractions. Located right on the quay in Eyemouth, this museum and the house itself has been welcoming visitors for many years, even longer than it has as a tourist attraction. There is plenty to see here and I felt that the interpretation on offer here, was very slick and informative. Then of course, you can actually rent the house out to stay in it for one or more nights, which then makes Gunsgreen House very unique indeed. I found the staff at this museum to be very well clued up on all the history contained within the house and museum and no question that was thrown at them was any trouble at all!

- Top 100 Review
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Gunsgreen Quay ,
Eyemouth, Berwickshire , TD14 5SD

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