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Glenarm Castle & Gardens

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Glenarm Castle is the home of Viscount and Viscountess Dunluce and their family. The present castle has been in the McDonnell family since it was first built in 1636. The McDonnells have been in Glenarm for nearly 600 years and the Estate has been in the family for 400 years. In the house you will see superb examples of Irish furniture as well as portraits of family members from the early 17th Century through to the present day. The Walled Garden is one of Ireland’s oldest walled gardens. Originally created to supply the Castle with its fruit and vegetables, The Walled Garden is now filled with exciting flowers and specimen plants to interest the keenest garden enthusiast. Beautiful and filled with colour throughout the seasons, the garden is open from Easter, when you can see the fabulous displays of spring bulbs along with the apple and pear blossom, right up until the end of September when the garden is still in bloom with rich displays of herbaceous plants.

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Glenarm Castle, a resplendent jewel in Northern Ireland's shiny crown, radiates a rich historical allure that has captivated visitors worldwide. This, the second endorsement from Top 100 and Its inclusion within this historic house's book is both necessary and deserved. The castle, still the residence of Lord and Lady Antrim, stands as a testament to centuries of heritage, its architecture a silent narrator of the past. Beyond the castle walls lie the famed gardens, a kaleidoscope of flora that ranks among the finest in Ireland. These gardens are not just a feast for the eyes but a horticultural haven that reflects meticulous care and a deep understanding of landscape beauty. A unique attraction within the estate is the Coach House museum, where Lord Antrim proudly exhibits his collection of 'Rare Vehicles.' This museum’s not merely a display of vintage elegance but a portal to a bygone era of aristocratic travel.

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