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Glamping with Llamas



For a little escapism but with a big difference, Glamping with Llamas offers guests a truly unique getaway with the magic touch of pure luxury. Llamas are very shy and gentle and they have adorably calm natures and common sense which makes them easy for everyone, including little ones. The Llama is also a lot of fun as they are very curious, and these special furry friends can help you and your partner, breathe out, chill and immerse yourself in the peace and quiet of the sublime surroundings. With a wonderful choice of overnight accommodation, you have the option of not just a magnificent glamping tent, there’s also a mobile home and a caravan with its own summer house. For a lovely romantic evening how about a Hot Tub for two, under a ceiling of stars, all you need is two frosty glasses and each other.

- Top 100 Review
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Faster Lente , Walton Road,
Wisbech, Norfolk , PE14 7AG

07890 025064



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