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Cuffed in Coffee

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Cuffed in Coffee, along with its proprietor Kristian Cuffin and his experienced team of coffee baristas, are a welcomed addition to the exclusive circle of experienced coffee producers here in Wales. Their unwavering commitment to crafting extraordinary coffee is evident in each and every sip. The journey they undertake in pursuit of the finest coffee beans is truly commendable, spanning regions like Colombia, Vietnam, and Brazil, among many others. What sets Cuffed in Coffee apart is their passion, which permeates every cup. The flavour profiles they deliver are a testament to their dedication to quality. From rich, earthy notes to vibrant, fruity undertones, each blend is a delightful journey for the palate. In summary, Cuffed in Coffee stands out in the competitive world of coffee roasters, offering a truly remarkable coffee experience that embodies their commitment to excellence and the global journey they embark upon to find the best beans.

- Top 100 Review
Argoed Farm Holidays 11

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Holland Park in Estate , Cyttir Road,
Holyhead, Anglesey , LL65 2PU

07588 274256



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Cuffed-in Coffee - The Container, Cyttir Road, Holyhead, UK

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