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The City of Aberdeen Distillery is a true Scottish story, one that captures the imaginations of all those who are willing to read it. Founded by two friends, Alan and Dan, who met at the University of Aberdeen, this distillery stands as a testament to their passion and dedication. Alan, the Head Distiller, brings his expertise to every bottle, while Dan seamlessly manages the myriad of tasks that keep the distillery running smoothly, just as smooth as the very drink they bottle. The passion and knowledge that Alan and Dan share during these tours are infectious, providing an educational and engaging experience that appeals to both novices and aficionados alike. One of the standout features of the City of Aberdeen Distillery is their innovative gin school, a haven for those interested in the art of distillation. We at Top 100 Attractions just had to have these guys in this chapter!

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Arch 10, Palmerston Road ,
Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire , AB11 5RE

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