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Chain Bridge Honey Farm


The Chain Bridge Honey Farm visitor centre was established in the early 1990s to allow the public to discover first hand the extraordinary tale of bees and honey. The comprehensive information found on the visitor centre walls was compiled by beekeeper and honey farm employee Ann Middleditch. There are sections on bees and bee behaviour, products of the beehive, including honey, wax and propolis, different types of bee as well as bumble bees and wasps and also information on swarms. All the exhibits are hand written by calligrapher Dorien Irving, and are themselves works of art. A recent addition is our fabulous Beekeeper’s Garden which has been planted to attract bees, butterflies and other pollinators. Why not take a walk to the Union Chain Bridge which was completed in 1820 and is a suspension bridge that spans the River Tweed and links England to Scotland. To round off your visit take tea in the café situated in a double decker bus!


We hear time and time again, just how important bees and the work they do are to our human survival and here at the Chainbridge honey farm, this is a common theme throughout its very fabric. This is a family run business and even though it was originally started by Willie and Daphne Robson, this is an attraction that is constantly being developed by all of the family and I found its content to be very important indeed. There are many levels to this attraction and when I first visited the honey farm back in the summer of 2018, I wasn’t sure what to expect really, however, by the time I left, I knew full well what this attraction was all about and the message I received loud and clear as a result of my visit, was one that I wanted to shout about and share with you within this book.

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