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Carden Arms

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The Carden Arms in Tilston, Cheshire is the epitome of a country pub, setting a standard for others to aspire to. The establishment boasts a fine selection of real ales alongside popular contemporary drinks, ensuring a delightful experience for every palate. Their food is exceptional, made from fresh, locally sourced produce that highlights the best of local flavors. A delightful surprise was the hotel-style rooms above the pub. The owner, Didy Morgan, with her extensive hospitality experience, has spared no expense in furnishing these rooms. Each room exudes charm and comfort, reflecting her keen eye for detail and style. The staff at the Carden Arms are incredibly friendly and warm, always going the extra mile to ensure guests have an totally unforgettable visit. Whether you're there for a pint, a meal, or a romantic overnight stay, the Carden Arms promises a quintessential country pub experience that excels in every aspect.

- Top 100 Review
The Carden Arms 13

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Church Road , Tilston,
Malpas, Cheshire , SY14 7HB

01829 250 900



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Carden Arms, Church Road, Tilston, Malpas, UK

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