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Butchers Steak & Grill

Eating Out

In 2012, two local boys from Elderslie decided to take over a butcher shop. Through their hard work and determination, they have created an award-winning institution which is recognised throughout the West of Scotland for its commitment to creativity and, ultimately, perfection. Selling meat, however, wasn’t enough.
They wanted to show the public the true potential of the product they were selling. As such, they opened the Butchers Steak & Grill, a restaurant which carries on the philosophy of the owners by reflecting it through delicious and succulent dishes. In order to maintain these standards, we change our menu seasonally; you will always be given the freshest produce during its peak harvesting time. Additionally, our meat is all reared in Scotland and aged for 45 days to make sure it is as tender and flavourful as possible.
The mouth-watering splendour of our fine steaks are on view for all to see in our display fridge; the only one of its kind in the country. You can enjoy all of this in a trendy setting with charming design and modern textures, with a anumber of hand-selected gins, malts, and cocktails.

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133 Main Road, Elderslie , Johnstone,
Paisley, Glasgow & The Clyde Valley , PA5 9ES





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