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Bristol Aquarium


Welcome to Bristol’s buzzing centre. Ideally located in a lively area, this aquarium is a must-see! As soon as you walk in, the atmosphere is magical. Imagine yourself surrounded by thousands of colours. These fascinating aquatic creatures are everywhere to be seen. There are more than 40 displays throughout and it is such a wonderful experience for the whole family. Whether you are into tropical sharks, seahorses, puffer fish or piranhas, they seem to have them all. The underwater tunnel is particularly exciting. From there, you can admire some of the most incredible marine creatures swimming over your head. There is even an Urban Jungle! Yes! They are the only aquarium in the UK to boast a very large botanical house. It is in that house that you will discover hundreds of plant and tree species. A visitor’s favourite is the open-topped Bay of Rays. It's an enchanting experience for all.


I once said that “Once you have visited one aquarium you have visited them all” . I have to say with a red face, that statement just isn't true. Bristol Aquarium is a huge testimony to that admission. With a huge seafaring heritage, the Bristol Aquarium couldn't be better placed, and their undersea tunnel isn't quite like any I have seen before. I also loved the fact that here at this aquarium it isn't all about how nice or how great these fantastic and amazing creatures are, they also are about education and helping us understand the many ecosystems we have in the world and how our worldly actions have detrimental consequences for life under the sea. The Bristol Aquarium is abundant with colour and their huge Coral Sea display is the envy of many aquariums throughout the country, and it was so clear to see that every member of staff enjoys their job, Refreshing!

- Top 100 Review
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