Bridgie Terries Bar & Restaurant

Eating Out in The Pike

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Bridgie Terries Bar & Restaurant

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Bridgie Terries Terries is an iconic pub that has stood the test of time, emanating a warm and homely atmosphere that's been cherished for decades. As a family-run establishment, it radiates a sense of tradition and genuine hospitality that's second to none. Located in the heart of the community, it has become a local institution, and once you arrive, you'll immediately grasp why. The Daly family, led by the late Breda and her son Mike, all of which have maintained exceptional standards throughout the years. Their dedication to preserving the pub's character, serving delicious food, and ensuring a friendly and welcoming environment is truly commendable. Bridgie Terries Terries is a place where both regulars and newcomers feel like family, where the pub's rich history blends seamlessly with the present.

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Bridgie Terries Bar Restaurant 7

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Garranbaun ,
The Pike, Co. Waterford , Ireland




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Bridgie Terries Bar & Restaurant, Garranbaun, The Pike, County Waterford, Ireland

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