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Bobcat Alpacas



This book, as do all of my books, feature some of Scotland’s biggest attractions, but I also pride myself on featuring some of the countries biggest and brightest of its hidden gems. Here at Bobcat Alpacas, they are one of those such gems and as soon as I arrived here in that cold autumn morning, I absolutely loved the place. Ran solely by Bob Crosbie, a retired civil servant, this attraction has been close to his heart for some time now. Bob has Alpacas of all shapes and sizes and I was lucky enough on the day of my visit to be able to feed them, which was an experience and a half I can tell you. Once described by young visitor as ‘giraffe sheep’ these animals really are wonderful creatures and as you spend more and more time with this herd, you start to really fall in love with them.

- Top 100 Review
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