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The Aberdeen Science Centre, located in the city, stands as a captivating realm of exploration, captivating both children and adults with its remarkable offerings. This beacon of knowledge intertwines education and excitement flawlessly, inviting curious minds of all ages to immerse themselves in the wonders of science. From interactive exhibits that bring abstract concepts to life, to engaging workshops that ignite creativity, the center crafts an exceptional environment for learning. Children are enchanted by hands-on activities, fostering a genuine passion for science in their formative years. Simultaneously, adults find themselves rekindling their curiosity, discovering the joy of discovering and understanding anew. The Aberdeen Science Centre thus becomes a bridge across generations, nurturing a shared enthusiasm for the mysteries of the universe. With each visit, the centre reaffirms its role as an invaluable resource, a testament to the boundless fascination that science ignites in both young and mature minds alike.

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179 Constitution Street ,
Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire , AB24 5TU

01224 640340






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Aberdeen Science Centre, Constitution Street, Aberdeen, UK

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